My Philosophy of Life

I think, therefore I am.

I am, therefore I had a beginning.

I did not create myself, therefore I was created.

I am not alone, therefore others were created.

I think, therefore ideas exist.

I feel, therefore feelings exist.

Others exist and feelings exist, therefore relationships exist.

Relationships exist, therefore love exists.

Love exists, therefore beauty exists.

Beauty exists, therefore art exists.

Art exists, therefore joy exists.

Joy exists, therefore life is worth living.

Life is worth living, therefore it is wrong to kill.

It is wrong to kill, therefore we must all learn to get along.

We must all learn to get along, therefore we must have rules.

We must have rules, therefore we must have government.

All these things are real, therefore reality exists.

All things are not equal, therefore an Ultimate Reality exists.

The Ultimate Reality is greater than us, therefore we should learn what it is.

The Ultimate Reality is greater than us, therefore It's existence is not dependant upon our perception or belief.