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Too Much Noise

The Future


The Music of Life

Life Without Tom


Bedtime now children.

Both of you kiss me good night.

And turn off the light.


I see the grass grow.

So much work done planting it.

The reward has come.

Too Much Noise

The children play in their very own yard.

Their games are too loud and also too rough.

I try to hush them but it is so hard,

I tell them "Be quiet, enough is enough."

The noise continues like nothing was said.

Louder and louder until I exclaim

"You must calm down or I'll send you to bed!"

"Why must you play such a loud noisy game?"

Find a new game to enjoy with your friends.

Play with your friends in the yard by the house.

A quiet game now before the day ends.

Find a new game or pretend you're a mouse.

Your last game sounded just like a riot.

But now it's time for some peace and quiet.

The Future

What does my future hold?

It's not for me to say.

Rags or riches, pain or health,

pleasure or dismay.

All I ask of the future,

the one I want to see.

Is a future that holds you--

holding me.

What are your future plans?

Please tell me what they are.

Will there be room for me,

Have you even thought that far.

Would you want a future,

as I hope you do.

A future that holds me--

holding you.

Is there a future for us?

You and me for life.

Will we always be together?

A husband and a wife.

The future that I wish for,

a future happy and bright.

Is a future holding you and me--

holding each other tight.


I live inside a prison,

the walls cannot be seen.

You're searching for the gate

to set my spirit free.

You wonder why I live

inside these cold, cold walls.

"Let me come in" you said,

"and don't treat me this way".

You can feel the outside,

the walls exterior.

This side is no better,

for I cannot escape.

I have not locked you out,

I am the one locked in.

You try to find the key,

but it is on this side.

The key is mine to use,

if only I knew how.

I want to be with you,

and make the walls fall down.

But I cannot escape,

my warden is my self.

This wall stands between us,

but it is not your fault.

I love you more in truth,

than I could ever say.

When I try to show you,

the walls get in my way.

The Music of Life


Our love was Rock & Roll

Strong and new

Ready to take on the world

Our own way


We danced to the Disco beat

We couldn't stop

We were both young and free

Fast and loud


A Wedding March, we became one

Now and forever

Our lives were full of promise

To live together


The gentle sound of a Lullaby

A new life

Three more times make a family

We were complete


Tragic loss, we sang the Blues

But love remained

We had enough to get by

Something was missing


A Symphony built from the pieces

Our love continued

We began to feel the strains

Harmony and discord


Now our life's a Country Song

Sadness and crying

Now we go our separate ways

No more music




All poems by Richard Moore Copyright ?1995-2007

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